Fill Shifts Dynamically

Have Ōnin’s Technology & Team Manage Your Workforce

Our app-based scheduling platform lets you quickly react to the demands of your business, while still providing flexible options that meet the needs of your workforce.

With Ōnin Flex, You Can:

Add or reduce headcount week over week

Quickly draw from a pool of vetted candidates

Fill the gaps or surges with agility

React to the Market

Ōnin Flex is the ultimate “win-win” situation, allowing you to adjust your workforce dynamically while providing Teammates the flexible options they need for their lives.

Access Talent Quickly

The modern worker relies on technology. That’s why you need a workforce solution that is accessible and easy to use from a smartphone.

With Ōnin Flex your team members can easily:
  1. View Shifts from the app
  2. Look at their week
  3. Pick up and release shifts

Sustain Peak Performance

Keep your operation running smoothly by utilizing Ōnin Flex to fill in the gaps or meet last-minute needs with quickness and precision.